Tahoe 3 Layers Padded Western Boot Carry Bags

  • Extreme Insurance Keep your western boot speculation harm free with the exceptional triple layer, waterproof, hard core plan. The delicate nylon inward covering tenderly keeps your boots spotless and sparkly,
  • Agreeable Highlights a cushioned, flexible nylon shoulder lash for solace. This lash likewise includes a clasp so the sack can be balanced in different areas during movement. Extra nylon convey handle on the highest point of the pack with delicate elastic grasp.
  • Extra Elements within the convey pack includes a wall divider to keep your boots discrete, forestalling harm brought about by them crashing inside the sack. Thick layer base with help grasps.
  • Chic Each sack highlights two conditioned variety plan. Comes in numerous variety blends.
  • SIZE: This western boot convey sack is intended to fit most western boots. Level: 17″, Width: 15″, Profundity: 9.5″.
  • while the rock solid external shell safeguards against any undesirable components like soil, residue and water. The froth support walls retain any shock that might happen during movement.

Keep your cowpoke boots harm free during continuous travel with this boot pack planned by Tahoe Tack. This pack includes an interesting triple layer plan with delicate nylon inward covering, froth support among internal and external coating, and a substantial, waterproof external shell. Extra elements incorporate an inside divider to keep boots discrete, a cushioned, flexible nylon shoulder lash with clasp, and a convey handle on the highest point of the pack with an elastic grasp.