Dakine Tour Snowboard Bag

  • 100 percent Reused Polyester
  • Imported
  • Sturdy 600D POLYESTER – The Dakine Visit Snowboard Sack is worked to endure the afflictions of movement with its strong 600D polyester development. This sturdy material guarantees your snowboard is all around safeguarded in the most requesting conditions
  • Completely Cushioned – With regards to safeguarding your snowboard, the Visit Snowboard Sack exceeds everyone’s expectations. It highlights cushioning all through its inside. This cushioning pads your snowboard as well as goes about as a boundary against effects and scratches
  • Estimating – Dakine comprehends that snowboarders come in various shapes and sizes, very much like their sheets. That is the reason the Visit Snowboard Sack is planned in a few sizes. It can easily oblige snowboards of different lengths
  • Outside POCKETS – Association is vital, and Dakine has thought about your requirements past your snowboard. This pack is furnished with different zippered outside pockets. These extensive pockets offer adequate extra room for all your snowboarding frill
  • Double END ZIPPERS – The Visit Snowboard Pack smoothes out your pre-and post-snow experience schedules with double end zippers. These zippers range the length of the pack, permitting you to open it for simple stacking and dumping of your snowboard completely